Why Estate Planning?

Why Estate Planning?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Attorney Jeffery Butler sees how these simple words affect people every day.

“A year ago I sat down with a pre-retirement aged couple and discussed their need for not only for Wills, but also a Trust. They wanted to wait because they were getting ready to retire and had too many other things to worry about. Three months later, the wife comes into my office asking for my help. Her husband died unexpectedly and now his daughter, from a previous marriage, is entitled to their property.”

This woman believed, that because Texas is a community property state, all of his possessions would automatically come to her since she was his wife. The law is rarely that simple, and Jeff had to explain that she would have to either work it out with the daughter or take her to court. Now she is left to sort out her financial future while grieving the passing of her husband.

This is one example of how life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Our attorneys understand planning for your death, or the death of your spouse, isn’t a fun topic. It forces us to consider our mortality, and most of us would like to believe we will live forever. However, when we fail to plan for our passing, it is our loved ones who are left to deal with the consequences.